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“Epicly Bruised Wood” Slide Blocks

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Type: Slide Blocks

Epicly Bruised Wood - in partnership with Justin LaRose  SLIDE BLOCKS Manufactured in California and tested in California and New York - assembled in our workshop in Rochester, NY. The patented Wood by Bruised - “Epicly Bruised”recycled  skateboard slide blocks are ready to slide into your skate set up 🖤

These slide blocks are made from 21-ply recycled skateboards (talk about skate love!) to give you the traditional slide of a skateboard with the contour needed to lock a roller skate onto any coping, rail, or ledge.  Super lightweight and durable.

The slide blocks are compatible with the Disco Bloxx sizing.  

Feel free to reach out to us if you are having trouble identifying the type and size of your plate.

Assembled block weight:

.79 lb

Size 1-4  block footprint :30mm l x 24mm w x 14mm d

Size 5-7  block footprint : 38mm l x 28mm w x 15mm d




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